No Couch, No Crap

Coaching is a collaborative partnership where you (client) set the agenda and lead the way and we (coach) guide the process with expert questioning and support tools.

You are the expert on your situation or problem. We help you focus on essential elements and use our insight, experience, and intuition to help you assemble details into a meaningful plan of action.

Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the present moment rather than past experiences. As a specialized form of consulting, coaching maximizes your present skills by asking questions to shift your perspective and create new awareness.

A typical session will last 40-50 minutes. The goal is to create an action plan with accountability supports to help you move forward. We will meet by phone or videocall, and we will ask you what you want to discuss. A reasonable action plan is to create 3-5 follow-through actions you can take in a time period of your choice, with a plan for staying on track.


Sample Coaching Goals


Create an action plan with 3-5 strategies/tools to:

  • Focus your job search to find employers and opportunities that fit your interests, skills, and values

  • Manage your time and energy to achieve your goals

  • Discover ways to network effectively and attract new opportunities/clients without becoming an extrovert

  • Leverage social media platforms to attract new clients and build passive income streams

  • Position your strengths and experiences to shift to a new career

  • Resolve conflicts and misunderstandings assertively and gracefully

  • Collaborate effectively with different personalities and cultural backgrounds

  • Establish boundaries that promote your well-being and preserve your relationships (e.g., say "no" respectfully)

  • Transition to a new management role supervising former peers