“Jeni is an excellent coach. I love the way she asks questions to help me think through my options. She also gives great advice on how to explore my interests and dreams to test the water,s so to speak. She’s professional but also easy to talk with. I refer others to her that are facing career or life transitions.”
— Annette, USA
In just a few hours of mentoring with Jeni, my career outlook went from stuck and vague to inspiring ideas. I’ve brought back energy and passion to my career by creating concrete goals that will help me grow. She listened deeply to me and added her own insight to create a robust plan with support systems. Now I feel confident about ways to live my best self! And, the work’s not done, so I will be following up with some accountability sessions soon.
— Jodi, Indiana

Jeni always gives me different ways of facing the problem. I always get positive feedback from her. I gained communication skills, and I earned self-confidence. I will definitely bring those skills to the future in my work.
— Qi, China

I think the two biggest things I got out of completing the program are an increased self awareness and more assertiveness. Becoming more involved meant I had to push some boundaries and talk to people, and this led to my becoming more assertive. I think that leadership will be important because I should be able to gently lead my clients in a direction that’s helpful for them. Jeni was absolutely amazing as my coach.
— Philip, Illinois

I have gained a greater understanding of myself and of leadership from the program. More importantly, I gained confidence and self-awareness in my own leadership style from actually taking on leadership positions. I have enjoyed reaching common ground with our unique understanding of leadership, and I have enjoyed sharing my leadership experiences and difficulties with Jeni because she is a very attentive and empathetic listener.
— Kat, Singapore

Three words I will use to describe Coach Jeni, are careful, dutiful, and patient. She gave me much helpful advice regarding how to set my leadership goals, proceed to accomplish these goals, and how to make a better portfolio. I have greatly improved my self-awareness through the program. Identifying my weaknesses and then finding ways to overcome them substantially prepared me to be a better leader. I also improved my communication skills.
— Xinyi, China